We use UV lighting (not to kill with) but to separate the light rays into different colors. What we have found with our research is that once the light rays are separated into different colors, different molecules attach to different color of light rays. We then developed a reactor pad, for these Molecules to travel through. While they are attached to different colors of light rays and travel through our specially designed reactor pad, it actually changes the molecular structure of that Molecule so that it is not what it was. Basically it implodes the molecule so that it does not exist as the molecule that it once was.

The Molecules that it destroys are ALL organic matter, Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Mildew, Odors, heavy metals, off gasses, formaldehyde, as well as many others.

With the combination of everything in our Air reactors, the Air Reactor actually produces an OH Radical. An OH Radical is basically a hydrogen peroxide molecule that is projected into the air and is on a search and destroy mission for any organic molecules whether they be air born or attached to a solid material.